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DVoice Appliance
DVoice Contact Center



Discovoice Appliance SV von 2 bis 8 analogen Voicekanälen



chassis Rack mountable 2U / 288 mm depth,

RJ-45 front face connectivity

CPU Celeron Processor 850 Mhz mit 128 MB RAM,

Hard Disk 20 GB min. (650 Std. Aufnahmekapazität)

Betriebssystem Linux (Red.hat 7.3)

Ethernet connection 10/100 BaseT network interface with RJ 45 connector

Remote management : Modem 56 Kbs

2 bis 8 analog ports



SV - Software Licenses Included:

Voice mail (1 000 mail boxes),

Automatic attendant and Information Services ,

XVmail : Unified messaging feature - Unification of voice mail messages and enterprise electronic mails application 
(Exchange, Lotus, Send mail …),

Pre-answering and music on hold,

Multilingual and compliant with most of the PBX of the market,

Local or external remote access (Administration LAN)

Configuration and system administration via Web Interface

Flexible Voice Application Generator V.S.E 
(Voice Script Editor) Tree structure creation.


additional facilities: ACD - IVR - CTI applications as Options


Discovoice Appliance SV Productinformation
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Discofone Produktepräsentation komplett



Discofone D 85


"Music on Hold" (MOH)

Volldigitalisiertes Gerät zur musikalischen Warte- zeitüberbrückung. Batterie-
lose Dauerspeicherung.
Einspeisung eines CD Players,
Tonbandgerätes oder Radios





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