Describe who you are, and how you provide value to your customers.



If you belong to any industry associations, list them here.



What do other people say about you company? Try using some quotes from satisfied customers.



Who are the people in your company? You might want to include a message from your president or the biographies of your founders.


News Box

To add more news boxes:

1.  Position the mouse pointer inside the box.

2.  On the menu bar, select Table - Select - Table to highlight the box.

3. Copy & paste the box


To delete the box:

Repeat step 1-2 and press backspace key


Page Templates
This package comes with 2 page templates:


ICE_eCompuNet Three-Column: creates a new page with three columns.  Navigation bar on the left, content in the middle, and info boxes on the right.


ICE_eCompuNet Two-Column: creates a new page with navigation bar on the left and content on the right.


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